You can’t hear it… but I have just sighed.  A small exhalation of breath which did little more than stir one cat from sleep and serve to remind me that I have forgotten… forgotten who I am and what I do and all the things inside me that are dying to get out yet get pushed back and down and filed away for ‘later.’

I was having a conversation with a friend last week and he said that as one gets older the brain doesn’t process, focus, retain, create in the same way it did when we were young and enthusiastic and not quite so tired.  Perhaps that is my problem.  Perhaps it is just laziness.

So I can rouse myself from stupor… or take his advice and suck the marrow and juice from the bones of 20 year old spitfires and cast them into a pit – dry husks whose energy has been removed for my use.   Such a hard choice to make!

About Amy Hanson

Delaware based author and self confessed book nut Amy Hanson has been publishing professionally since 1995. She covers myriad subjects ranging from multi-genre music journalism and literary biography to pop culture, health issues for the layman as well as an assortment of metaphysical oddities.  An avid foodie and film buff, she currently resides in the idyllic college town of Newark with her husband and three cats. View all posts by Amy Hanson

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